Friday, March 4, 2011

Once again..

I have been seriously lacking in writing in here. I think part of it is because I feel like the thoughts I put here need to be neat and composed and packaged so that it doesn't show any of my constant wondering and overthinking about what I'm thinking.

One thing the Lord has truly been showing me recently (not in my reading of Leviticus - although I am actually learning from that) is the importance of Christian community. The body of Christ. Not just for serving in different ways in the church and in the community, but to show Christ's redemptive love to each other, to push us towards growth and encourage us in sanctification, and to show others the gospel.

What better way to show others the gospel than to live the gospel? In a society where people are selfish and use others as either a way for personal gain or a hindrance to that goal (thank you Paul Tripp for that quote), what could better proclaim the life-altering love of Christ by letting others see how it affects your daily interactions?

Since I have been reading "How People Change" by Paul Tripp and really thinking about Christian community, I have noticed more and more where the Word calls us to community. It's everywhere. [Now that I just wrote that, I tried to look up references and can't pinpoint them. Oh blog fail.]

But every time I read "you together with all the saints" or "confess to one another" or "pray for one another" or "encourage one another" or "edify one another" or "spur one another on towards love and good deeds" etc etc etc all I think is that THIS is what God wants - He wants us to be in COMMUNITY - our relationship with Christ shouldn't be a secret, individual, in-your-own-mind thing. It is a calling to be part of a bigger picture, to show the gospel and practice Christ's love through loving others.

So how is your Christian community?


  1. I am an American Protestant and not in the postmodern sense. My faith does not depend on the next man. The next man can be a stumbling block, especially if one is so dependent on the others approval.

  2. @Wesley 'Whitey Lawful' Mcgranor
    But is that neglecting how Jesus lived and taught? I believe the Bible to be the highest authority and Truth and if He calls us in it to encourage one another and live in Christian community and make disciples of men I'd rather so that and study the Word and be discerning on WHO to be friends with rather than avoid everyone out of fear of encountering a stumbling block along the way. Christian community is a gift I do not want to waste.

  3. We are baptised in autonomy, on the confession of our own belief...sooner or later. We are judged individually regarding sin.



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