Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another thing about me...

So, I am a verbal processor.

The way I work through things is hearing them out loud, saying whatever comes to mind and different ways various ideas could be brought to a logical completion.
It's how I roll.

If I don't process verbally, I often get stuck inside my head and my mind spirals out of control.

Luckily, my friends know this about me, and allow me plenty of processing time. I love them for this.

But one thing I have also been working on for about a year now is allowing Christ to be my Wise Counselor first and foremost above anyone else. To sit down and pray and talk to HIM instead of grabbing the phone to talk to [friend, family member, random-person-who-will-listen]...

How am I doing at it? Well.. not always so great. But I always feel so much more whole, fulfilled, when He is the One I go to - prayer and His Word.

Just my thoughts for today. .... processing some things. ;)

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