Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hey all..

So, I revamped my last post just a tiny bit. I added in a bit more detail, because I didn't think it was fair being vague on such a topic.
Feel free to check it out again here.


  1. @Wesley 'Whitey Lawful' Mcgranor
    I am not.. I was raised Catholic, though. I went to a non-denominational Christian college, was baptized a year ago on Valentine's Day, and now go to a Baptist Church (not Southern Baptist) that isn't even really Baptist. I'm a Bible-believing Christian.

  2. I have read Papal overtones in your writings since i started 'following' you. I had assumed that you were Protestant and so i took a second guess and asked if you were Calvinist. The parable of the recovering Catholic is: one does not recover.

  3. @Wesley 'Whitey Lawful' Mcgranor

    Well coming out of the grasp of legalism does always have its effects. Although I see God's grace daily .... knowing the Catholic system fairly well I don't think what I believe is remotely the same anymore :)


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