Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Always learning...

My life has changed incredibly in the past year.
I live for Christ. I love His Word. I love discussing theology and spending time with Him and others who love Him. My life is so different.

And yet... last night, I had a few friends over. After they left, my roommate and I were talking, and she mentioned, "You know, Alicia, you are such a godly person, an incredible student of the Bible, you love Christ so much, but you don't seem to trust Him."

That was a severe dagger to my heart! The sad part? It's true! I have somehow, in the past few weeks, stopped trusting my Lord and Savior for certain things. Trusting Him with a job?! Sure! Trusting Him for finances? Of course! He always comes through! Trusting Him with friends? Well, He's always provided!
But now, with this?

Lord, with this? I've always had trouble trusting Him with "this." (It doesn't matter what this is, but I'll tell you, it's much less significant than those I listed above!).

That comment last night hurt me (in a good way) because how can my Savior be my best friend and yet I don't trust Him? Much needs to change. Haven't I noticed how He's always faithful, throughout my life and throughout the Word?

I should just permanently write "Trust Him" on my hand. But I have always been opposed to tattoos on girls..

Anyway. Another small note. I am getting heart surgery within the next few months. Please pray for me. What's funny, is I am totally trusting the Lord to take care of me with this - and even if something should happen and I don't wake up, I get to be with Christ! (And I stress about the little things still? Who am I?!)

Sorry for the informal post.. just haven't had time lately.


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