Monday, January 31, 2011

Some questions.

I have never done this, really, and I thought I would make this a little interesting.
I highly, highly doubt anyone will comment.

1) What is your OneWord2011?
2) How was your January?
3) What's the weather like where you are?
4) Dog or cat?


  1. 1. Paleoconservative
    2. I spent it searching the blogoshpere for activity. I am hibernating; until Spring.
    3. A foot of snow or more, rather windy.
    4. cat

  2. Hey Whitey - I don't know what paleoconservative is but it sounds interesting. And we have a few feet of snow here too... and more on the way. yikes.

  3. 1.) Faith. [Almost juvenile in Christianity to some, but serious. Learning to really trust and walk by faith, rather than always just reason and 'what makes sense' in a secular world.]

    2.) Phenomenal. Encouraging. And full of faith-filled decisions about my summer, my relationship status, and my career.

    3.) 17.5 inches of snow. #Snowmaggedon, #Snowpacalyspse and #sNOwToriousBIG have been trending...

    4.) Dog

  4. Hey Jtsotorjr-
    I agree.. really living in faith is a very, very difficult thing to learn. I have a lot to learn on that front. And I'm so glad your January has been so good! (nice trends..)
    Dogs are fantastic.. I love mine.

  5. 1. One word? I have decided on Trust - thought about it for a long time and knowing that there are going to possibly be big changes this year I decided on that one word. It does scare me though.

    2. good January - I turned 60 and after struggling with the whole concept for a while, like how did I get to be this old, I looked back on my 50's and realized they had some great moments - so bring on my 60's

    I actually blogged about it at (Sorry for the self promotion)

    3. Weather has been very cold but not a bit of snow. I live in Beijing, China and we usually get some snow but none this winter at all.... Today is the first day of the Year of the Rabbit and the weather is about 34 degrees F very nice.

    4. Formerly dog until I got my first cat - now definitely CAT

  6. Hi, is there anyway you can get rid of the "Comment as:" feature on your blog? It won't allow me use WordPress because there is something wrong with the URL when it comes up and I can't correct it (Blogspot has put the words "Word Press" after the URL and then it tells you that it won't accept it because there are extra words). I use Google but as a way to access you but that account is actually dormant and I don't use it at all and havent' for five years.

    I have left several comments on your blog because I really enjoy what you write but they are not accepted because of the problem with Word Press. There is a way to get rid of it - if possible. I find the whole exercise very frustrating especially when I want to be part of a conversation.

    Thanks for listening


  7. Hi Heather! Thank you so much for reading my blog and being interested in joining the conversation!
    I am not sure how to change the comment section.. honestly, I wish I had chosen wordpress instead of blogspot for my blog because others have had issues with comments as well. I wonder if I can email the administration of the website and see if there is anything I can change on it.

    Also -- so interesting that you are in China! I have a friend doing missions work in China right now, but I am not sure where. I also thought that he mentioned that blogspot was blocked where he is (as well as facebook). He must mean the organization he is staying with blocks them?

    Thanks again and I'll see what I can do... \

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  9. @Greenisle13

    Hey Heather!
    Comments should be fixed !

  10. Thanks Alicia, Most of the blog sites are blocked in China because it is a place to voice opinion. The way around is to use a VPN which is what I pay to use. I will let you look it up for yourself if you are interested. :)
    I use WordPress for my personal blog and Edublogs for my professional blog and I really like them though I am still learning many things about them.

    I have lived here for seven years and I am a Grade three teacher at an international school. This is an amazing place but always there are challenges.

    Thank you so much for your blog....

  11. So I remembered you told me to check out your blog. So that's what I'm doing! :) You write a LOT for your You and Jillian have that in common...But I like it! So I'll do this question thing:

    1. Forgive
    2...I don't remember. Snowy?
    3. Like the weather where you are, haha.
    4. DOG. <3 Except I want a cat too, but I'm allergic to them. :'(



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